For (potential) partner organisations

How do you become partner organization/assignment location with GVS?

Getting to know each other is important to us before admitting a new partner organization / assignment location. Together we will look at our mutual ideas, goals and share all information that is indispensable for the voluntary service.
Our goal is to see whether or not cooperation makes sense.
You are welcome to get in contact with our team, for further information:

email Julia Lange

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Necessary requirements to become a partner organization /assignment location

  • Concerning the job / activity:
    - Guarantee of common welfare activities
    - Volume of employment is equivalent to full-time employment
    - Neutrality of the job market is guaranteed
    - Activity is mostly a social-practical ancillary work
  • A pedagogical supervisor/mentor will be available for the volunteers in all relevant topics of daily life (e.g. cultural questions, personal concerns, reflection of the time of service)
  • There will be an work supervisor who will train the volunteers for their activities
  • There will be the possibility of communication between GVS and the partner organization in regard to concerns and particulars of the volunteers
  • The assignment location identifies with Christian values

Assignment fields for volunteers with GVS

Kids and youth work | Children’s home and orphanage | Kindergarten | Assistance at church | Social street projects | Work with disabled persons | Student ministries | Helping in various trades (e.g. carpenter’s workshop, construction helper) | Recreational and sports activities | | Learning assistance at school | Technical help (e.g. IT support) | Housekeeping | Medical help | Horticulture and landscaping | Public relations | etc.

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Your benefits of using volunteers in our organization

Investing in
young people
Profiting from the volunteers
fresh impetus
Mutual learning process
between volunteers and staff
Finding multipliers
for your own concerns
What are the requirements for the partner organization/assignment location?

  • Working in partnership with GVS
  • Agreement concerning participant particulars etc.
  • Provision of board and lodging
  • Instruction of the volunteers in their activities
  • Supervision of the volunteers in the topics of everyday life
  • Organization of the introduction into the service and reflection upon completion
  • Time off to participate in a possible interim seminar
  • Agreement concerning significant changes

The voluntary service usually starts August / September but it is possible to start at different times, according to the agreement.
Overview of the services of GVS as umbrella association

  • Full responsibility for the voluntary service
  • Administration and organizational matters
  • Conducting the application procedure in accordance with the assignment location
  • Consultancy regarding everything to do with the voluntary service
  • Preparation and follow-up seminars for the volunteers (possibly an additional interim seminar)“
  • Support / supervision of the volunteers from our location in Germany
  • Provision of a certificate
  • Crisis management
  • Financial administration (incl. donations and government aid)
  • Public relations

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Costs for the assignment location

There will be certain costs per volunteer such as traveling costs, seminar costs, board and lodging, costs for medical check-up (vaccinations etc.), costs for support, insurance etc.
Some of these costs incurred will be covered by family ministry government aid. The rest will be covered by the parties involved.
Due to different conditions the costs might vary. We will be happy to give you more exact information by mail or phone.

Requirements for a pedagogical instructor/mentor at the assignment location

It is a person who

  • is well acquainted with the indigenous culture
  • appreciates the cultural context of the volunteer
  • shows a positive attitude towards the short term workers
  • is well aware of the field of activity of the volunteers
  • is able to invest time to support the volunteer
  • is able to share a common language with the volunteer
  • is able to allow a monthly contact with the volunteer
  • is reachable in an case of emergency
  • is living close to the placement
  • is backing the values of GVS

Requirements for the work supervisor at the assignment location

  • Intent to invest in young people
  • Planning a training period for volunteers
  • Contact in relation to all the activity during the period of the service
  • Common language for communication
  • Backing the values of GVS