General Information
What is a voluntary service after all?

It is a social year of education and orientation for people who want to invest themselves socially for a certain time in Germany or abroad. It consists of full-time practical temporary activity in institutions contributing to the common good, educational seminars and pedagogical guidance.
What are the possibilities to do a voluntary service?

To participate in a recognized voluntary service in Germany or abroad there are a variety of competent organizations officially recognized by the Federal Government. In cooperation with partner organizations and assignment locations they offer certain fields of application. GVS is such an organization, recognized for the voluntary service FSJ (voluntary social year), IJFD (international youth voluntary service), weltwärts and BFD (federal voluntary service).

Assignment fields for volunteers with GVS

Kids and youth work | Children’s home and orphanage | Kindergarten | Assistance at church | Social street projects | Work with disabled persons | Student ministries | Helping in various trades (e.g. carpenter’s workshop, construction helper) | Recreational and sports activities | | Learning assistance at school | Technical help (e.g. IT support) | Housekeeping | Medical help | Horticulture and landscaping | Public relations | etc.

Usually volunteers apply for a voluntary service once they finish school or their training period at approx. 18 – 24 years of age.
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What is the basis of voluntary service?

There are laws or guidelines for each voluntary service that hold the legal framework conditions for implementation of voluntary services.
GVS is obliged to follow those guidelines. (overview only in german)

Gesetz über den Bundesfreiwilligendienst (BFD)
Gesetz zur Förderung von Jugendfreiwilligendiensten (FSJ)
Richtlinie zur Umsetzung des Internationalen Jugendfreiwilligendienstes (IJFD)

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